The 2005 Dune Goon calendar
Caution  !! Plans can change at the last moment.  Check with for the latest information.

  April 30-May 1st.   Winchester Bay, OR
  May 27-30   Memorial day weekend at Winchester Bay, OR.
  June 3-6   Winchester Bay area.
  July 4th  (7/1 thru 7/4)   Winchester Bay area.
  July28-31 (for info only)   Dunefest at Winchester Bay.  If you like two-stroke machines, this is the place to be.  
  August 26-28   Winchester Bay, Oregon.  This is also the weekend of Kool Coastal Nights Car Show & Shine.  
  September 2-5   Winchester Bay area.
  September 10 – 18   St. Anthony, Idaho
  November 23 thru 30   Some are interest in a trip to Dumont
  December 31st – ?   Glamis