Sandrail frame construction

Constructing your own frame is a LOT of work, especially if you plan on an origional design instead of copying an existing style.
  Model   This is how you start a frame project.   Brazing rod was soldered together to make this scale model.
  5link   View of the prototype 5-link rear suspension design.
  compressed   View of the prototype rear suspension fully compressed.
  extended   View of the prototype rear suspension fully extended.
  rollcenter   Prototype rear suspension illustrating roll center at normal ride height.
  upright   The rear suspension uprights are hand fabricated.
  frame1   View of fully welded frame showing rear shock mounts.
  frame2    Fully welded frame, showing front bump stops.
  frame3   Fully welded frame, rear view from above. 
  frame4   Shows shoulder room and tubing specifications.
  tranny1   Shows how the control arms attach to the transaxle.
  tranny2   How the control arms attach to the lower side of the transaxle.
  low_rider   Show how close frame is to the ground when at full compression.
  front   Front suspension, showing Fox shocks and cross-braced front mounts.
  CVjoints   Porsche 930 CV joints are lightened.
  CV joints1   Polishing the CV joint internals so that they operate freely.
  rods   Swaged aluminum rods for the 5-link control arms.
  inserts   High angularity inserts for rod ends.
  hollow   Hollow bolts are cheaper than Titanium.
  r&p mounts   Mounting clamps for the Rack and Pinion steering unit.
  bearing   Assembly to mount steering wheel bearing to sandrail frame.