Sandrail Motor Construction

Sandrail Motor Construction.
Building your own 2840 cc VW Type 4 motor is a LOT of work. Here is my diary.
  Cylinder   The main reason you can build a large type 4 motor is because large diameter (105 mm ) pistons and cylinders are available.
  914 head   Photo and discussion on type-4 / 914 cylinder head.
  Camgear   Details on clearancing the bolts on the cam gear to clear the oil pump.
  Flywheel Bolts   Photo and discussion on flywheel attachment bolts and studs.
  Head studs   Shows 10 mm head studs, case studs, etc.
  Oil pump   Details on the conversion of a type 1 pump for use on type 4.
  Ratio rockers   Info. on some very nice ratio rocker arms from Pauter Machine Co.
  Comp. ratio   Shows combustion chamber and valve reliefs used to gain more cc.
  pushrod tubes   Shows how the pushrod tubes were lengthened.