The Dune Goon photo gallery, page 1.

The Dune Goon photo gallery, page 1.
These images have been collected over a period of years and have been selected to provide a look at the various sand dune areas open for off road use in the Western United States.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.  Most will download fairly quickly. Use the back button to return.
clearlk.jpg   Allen’s sandrail overlooking Clear Lake, Winchester Bay, Or. Sand dune drops off into the tall timber. (68kb)
devilsdn.jpg   Devil’s dune, St. Anthony dunes, Idaho.  View of the top half of one of the largest bowls in North America. (112kb)
florence1.jpg   A “tree island” in Florence, OR.  Photo taken in Oct. 1996.  (39kb)
florence2.jpg   Florence, OR.  View looking south at a distant tree island. Oct. 1996.  (36kb)
florence3.jpg   Florence, OR.  Beautiful view looking North-East on a nice October day in 1996.  (74kb)
glamist.jpg   Jim and Dick at the Glamis store,  Glamis, CA, Christmas 1997. (55kb)
oldshill.jpg   Oldsmobile hill, Glamis CA.  Taken Christmas weekend, 1997. (96kb)
oops.jpg   The road to the beach ended abruptly! How to win the “duck award” in perpetuity.  Coos Bay, OR.  (63kb)
pattomz.jpg   Close-up (zoom) of Patton Valley dune, Gordons Well dunes, CA (79kb)
sandmtn1.jpg   Top of Sand Mountain in Little Sahara, Ut. June 1997 (61kb)
sandmtn2.jpg   Another panoramic view from the top of Sand Mountain in Little Sahara, Ut. June 1997.  (58kb)
sandmtn3.jpg   Awesome view from Sand Mountain in Little Sahara, Ut. June 1997 looking down at the parking lot!  (72kb)
sandmtn4.jpg   View of Little Sahara Recreation Area and Sand Mountain in the distance.  (58kb)
sandmtn5.jpg   View of Little Sahara Recreation Area from top of Sand Mountain. One of the longest hill climbs anywhere. (72kb)
hicntnev.jpg   High centered on Sand Mt., Nevada.  (124kb)
wnchtr1.jpg   Nice day, Sept. 1997 at Winchester Bay, OR.  Taken from dune with Pacific Ocean in the background. (67kb)
saharabk.jpg   View of bowls behind Sand Mt.  Little Sahara Recreation Area, Utah.  (72kb)
wnchstr3.jpg   Winchester Bay, OR. Dunes. Ocean behind.  Bright sunny day, Sept. 1997.  (121kb)
wnchstr4.jpg   Overlooking the Winchester Bay jetty, Dunes.  Sept. 1997 (104kb)
winchtrlk.jpg   What “Dune Goons” look like!  Clear lake is in the background.  Winchester Bay, Or. Sept. 1997 (44kb)
Railside.jpg   Terry’s mid-engine turbo rocket.