The Dune Goon Sandrail Site

About The Dune Goons

The Dune Goons are a (very) loosely organized group of Sand Rail enthusiasts. We have no president, treasurer, dues, or charter and it’s likely we never will. We primarily visit the dunes in the Northwest part of the United States. Since the majority of us are located in the Portland Oregon area, we often travel to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area on the Southern Oregon Coast.

Blue Ribbon Coalition

“Preserving Our Natural Resources FOR The Public Instead of FROM the Public”


American Sand Association

The goal of is simple, “Unite, Inform and Mobilize to keep Glamis open”  We accomplish that goal through the use of volunteers. We believe in responsible resource management for the people, not from the people. We have a strategic partnership with the American Sand Association, a national organization for the sand sport enthusiast. We also have special deals with sites like Casino Bushi so we can give everyone a chance to go play games on that site and get the most out of it.


A tough climb with no running start. Winchester Bay, Oregon

New sandrail.  See photos in this web site.